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Frederick Carroll Beall developed a system for correctly positioning anyone directly connected to the family tree of Thomas Bell by either descent or marriage.  He uses it in his book, so I use it in this extension of the genealogy he began.  Here's how it works:

Our Own Family Gencode

LETTERS: A,B,C, etc. denote children.
Digits : 1,2,3, etc. denote generations.
For example:

The "A" stands for "1st child in the family"; the "1" stands for "of a 1st generation descendant of Thomas Bell".  A1 identifies Robert Bell, who changed the spelling (but not the pronunciation) to Beall after he arrived in the Maryland Colony around 1760.
Code for the second child (B) of a family 2 generations away from Thomas Bell.  The brackets identify Robert Beall [A1] as the child's father.  This identifies John Beall, son of Robert, therefore grandson of Thomas.
Third generation, sixth child of B2 (John) and grandson of A1 (Robert).  This the code for Shadrack Beall, Great-great-great grandfather of Frederick Carroll Beall, C8[B7H6], developer of this code.
Third generation, third child of B2 (John) and grandson of A1 (Robert).  This is the code for Mannam Beall, progenitor of the Georgia Bealls and possibly the only child of John and Elizabeth who was not (or at least did not remain) Catholic.

Notice that Mannam and Shadrack were brothers.  Siblings have identical parenthetical data [B2A1] indicating the same parent and grandfather.  First cousins have the same grandfather, but different parents.  Examples coming up:

Happy Hunting!

, aka Samuel Oliver Beall, 7th generation, 4th child of G6[B5A4] Augustus, grandson of B5[A4C3] Augustus, younger brother of C7[G6B5] Augustus, uncle of B8[C7G6] Augustus.  See why the code is needed?

A Proliferation of Bealls

Robert Beall (Bell), IMMIGRANT b. Scotland 1670. d. Maryland 1755, m.1, unknown; m.2, Mary Berry. Robert & Mary had 3 children:
James Beall, b.1698, d.1783. m. Margaret Edmonston, granddaughter of Col. Ninian Beall.  If James really was his great grandson by a previous marriage to Elizabeth Gordon, this was a marriage of first half cousins once-removed--genetically quite OK.
John Beall, b. Prince George County, Maryland Colony, 1700, db. 1-24-1767. m. 1720, Elizabeth Cameron.
Richard Beall, ba.1702, d.??, m. Sarah

John (aka "Scotch John") and Elizabeth Cameron Beall had 10 children, all born at "CHANCE" Plantation, Prince George County, in the Crown Colony of Maryland.  (Note that the order of birth dates was not coded alphabetically. This is the only such instance in the book.)
Robert Beall, 1732-1796 m. Elizabeth
John Beall, 1734-1800, m. Tabitha and/or Mary
James Beall b. 1736, twin. m. Ann
Elizabeth Beall b. 1736. twin.
Mannam Beall, b. 1738, d.1823, Warren County, Ga. m. Feb. 1764, Frances Lewis, b.1744, db. 1825
Shadrack Beall 1745-1826 m. Agnes
Margaret Beall ba.1751 m. Joseph Jones
Francis Beall b. 1755
Losson Beall 1758-1793
Mary J. Beall m. ---Woodward?

The family trees of all of Robert Beall's descendants are amply detailed, some of them well into this century, in Frederick Carroll Beall's book.  Herein we concentrate on Mannam's line.  He and his wife Frances are the founders of the Georgia Bealls.

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