Beall Springs

The Hotel

Letterhead for the "Beall Springs Hotel, Mineral Water Unsurpassed"

Letterhead courtesy of Ruth Baker Avirett

The Beall Springs Hotel was operated by the Beall family from about 1825 to 1925.

Photo postcard showing a large two-story frame building with a long veranda.  A dozen people in formal summer attire are posed on the lawn in front of the building. Printed over the photo are the words "Beall Springs Hotel, 8 Miles South of Warrenton, Ga. Daily Mail Service, Automobile and Hack Service, Long Distance Phone, Fine Mineral Water and best of Fare."

Postcard image provided by Cathy Land and Laurie Abbott

This postcard was available at the hotel so visitors could tell friends where they were (and thus, no doubt, advertise the hotel).  Roberta Watts Cook identified the occasion as being the wedding of her aunt Nannie Will Overstreet to William Thomas Smith on 1 May 1907.  If you look carefully, you can see the wedding couple arriving by horse-drawn carriage at the right side of the photo.  Like most buildings in the area, the hotel had no cellar; to compensate for the slope of the land, the floor was supported on stone and brick pillars visible under the veranda.  The original photo was black and white; this postcard version has been hand-tinted. 

A cropped high-resolution image of this scene is available at the University of Georgia site.  Controls at the bottom of that page allow you to zoom and pan the image to look at fine details.  Can you identify any of the 22 people pictured?

You can read more about the hotel in Sam Beall's History.