[Transcribed by Christopher Beall from a photograph of the recorded document.  Explanatory notes added within square brackets.]

Georgia Warren County

This indenture made and entered into this the thirtieth day of April Eighteen hundred and ninety five between J C A Beall of the County and State aforesaid and Anna Beall of the County and State aforesaid being tenants in common of a certain tract or tracts, parcel or parcels of land lying in said County in the one hundred and fifty fourth Dist G.M. the same being lot No. five in the partition of the real estate of our Mother, the late Minerva Beall, also for each of us a one eighth interest in a thirteen acre reservation on which is situated and included in this deed which is known as Beall Springs.  Said parcel of land contains one hundred and thirty acres more or less.  Each of us holding an undisputed title to one eighth interest in the thirteen acre tract and for each of us a one fourth interest in said lot #(5) five.  now in consideration of the mutual advantages each of the parties to this instrument is to derive from this deed contract or agreement, we make the following conditions.  That when one of us or either of us dies the survivor becomes possessed of all the rights, titles and interest now held by us in common and described above forever in fee simple in addition to the usual appurtinances we include Household and Kitchen furniture, live stock of all kinds, plantation tools, wagons, crops grown or growing, all or any part of above described property or any other of which we or either of us may die possessed, we warrant and defend this title agains all persons whatsoever  Given under hands and Seals this the 13th day of May eighteen hundred and ninety five (1895)

[The recorded document does not
contain a facsimile of either actual signature]

Witness to Anna Bealls signature
Mary Belle Boyd
Bille Shannan
W.B. Stanley N.P.
Tuttin? Co Ga

Witness to J. C. A. Beall signature
W. H. Heath?
A. S. Bulis
J. C. Evans, Clerk Sup Court