[Transcribed by Christopher Beall from a photocopy of the original document, which is handwritten throughout, in the possession of Ruth Baker Avirett, with ambiguities resolved by reference to the recorded copy of the same document.  Punctuation, not visible in the original, added, as are explanatory notes within square brackets.]

State of Georgia
Warren County

We the undersigned heirs of the estate of Mrs. M Beall late of said State and County deceased do hereby agree to and do set apart for our mutual benefit (13) thirteen acres of Land lying around the Spring and known as Beall Spring in the same State and County, it being part of the Tract or parcel of Land whereon the same Mrs. M Beall Lately lived and died.

The courses and distances of Which is given in a plat hereto attached and surveyed by Henry Kitchens County Surveyor of Glasscock Co Ga

The Conditions to the above agreement are as follows:

1st.  Each and every heir of Said Estate is equally interested in and entitled to equal rights privileges in and on the (13) Thirteen Acre reservation.

2nd.  We and each of us reserve to our Selvs the right to dispose of our individual interest in said reservation.

3rd.  But we agree not to dispose of our individual interest in said reservation to outside parties until we have given the remaining heirs the refusal at the price offered by the other parties.

4th.  We further agree not to trespass upon said reservation by cutting timber or in any other way only by the Written consent of a majority of those interested.

5th.  We also agree not to sell to any one the right to trespass upon said reservation in any way whatever.

Given under our hands and signatures this twentieth day of August Eighteen hundred and eighty Five.

J. C. A. Beall {LS}
[Julius Caesar Alford Beall]
[This signature matches the
handwriting of the document]

Fannie E King {LS}
[Frances Ermine Beall King]
M. A. Baker {LS}
[Missouri Amizon Beall Baker]
Anna Beall {LS}
[Arianna Beall]
Agusta Beall {LS}
[Augusta Ann Beall]

Signed in Presence of
G W Baker J.P.
as to five foregoing names
Oct 21st 1887

Aug Beall {LS}
[Augustus Beall]

Witness as to the signature
of August Beall
H D Leon, N P Ex off J.P.

O. H. P. Beall {LS}
[Oliver Hazzard Perry Beall]

In Presence of
G W Baker J. P.

Bettie Overstreet (LS)
[Elizabeth Pauline Beall Overstreet]

John L. McLamore[?]
N P E Co Ga

Scale 10 chs per inch

[Drawing appears here. There are 10 separate parcels, as follows:

Note that the recorded version of the plat omits some of the courses and distances which are present on Ruth Avirett's original.]

State of Georgia
Warren County

The above plat represents a tract of land lying in Warren County containing 355 acres it being the real estate of Mrs. Minerva Beall late of said county deceased.  Surveyed and divided as the above plat represents for the purpose of distribution among the heirs of said deceased.

Surveyed on the 19th and 20th days of August 1885 by J. H. Kitchens C.S. of Glascock county Ga